Are google display ads pay per click?

If your goal is to boost online transactions, this is the right choice for you. Google announced an option to pay for conversions on the display network. Sit down with your marketing team to prepare an advertising plan and create SMART goals for your Google Ads campaigns. In reality, you don't know how successful your campaigns are, because you don't know how many people see your ads or take action thanks to them.

Conversion tracking tells you exactly how many customers or potential customers you've acquired in your advertising campaigns. For example, programs called Local Search or Google Local Services Ads are guaranteed to be paid for potential customer models. Google ads can be displayed on search results pages or on a web page within the Google Display Network (GDN). Google Ads removes most other advertising channels from the water when it comes to budgetary control.

You can post ads that encourage your audience to install your application or, if they already use it, to perform a certain action within the application. These are text, image or video ad tracks, sometimes referred to as banners, that are displayed based on the user's search behavior or the keywords they have used. Retargeting (or remarketing) in Google Ads is a way of advertising to users who have already interacted with you online but haven't yet converted. You have extreme control over how much you spend and when you spend it, and you can increase or reduce your ad spend in real time as you see fit.

So, after you find a winning keyword to bid on and a winning ad to publish, you can let your campaign run knowing that you won't exceed a specific budget. This is because Google's main goal is to show the most relevant results to users, even when you pay. You can launch a shopping campaign through the Google Merchant Center, where you enter the product-specific information that Google obtains to create your shopping ads. What may be less obvious are all the additional things you need to do to ensure that your ads are optimally configured and easy to track.

If you use PPC to advertise your products or services, Google Ads should be part of your payment strategy, there's no way around it (except maybe Facebook Ads, but that's another article). So, optimize your landing pages so that your ad helps convert a curious visitor into a paying customer.

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