What are the benefits of display advertising?

Display ads generate initial interest and 26% create brand awareness. You can target your favorite audience.

Online display ads

may appear on select Internet websites. They may be more useful for certain marketing objectives than for others, for example, brand awareness.

Evaluate their strengths and weaknesses before deciding if you want to create your own display campaign.

Display ads

have the potential to significantly improve your brand awareness thanks to their eye-catching visual format. With graphic marketing, you can strengthen brand consistency and visibility, encourage potential customers, track performance, and support the success of your other PPC activities, to name just a few of the benefits. The ad block is called a screen because it is displayed as sponsored content on the prediction page that the target visitor is viewing.

Google's visualization network currently reaches 90% of all Internet users worldwide, on millions of websites, blogs, news sites and on its own sites, such as YouTube and Gmail. Therefore, if you use this type of display ad, you'll need to upload the ad in several sizes to ensure that it appears on different web pages. There are two main types of Google display ads that are commonly used: responsive display ads and ads with uploaded images. By taking advantage of the wide variety of targeting options offered by display advertising, you're also more likely to find customers who want to actively make a purchase and, therefore, more likely to convert.

The targeting options with display advertising seem almost endless, which means you can carefully control who sees and who doesn't see your display ads. Display advertising gives you the ability to show up on websites that not only have a lot of traffic, but are even related to the area of your advertising. Once a potential customer learns about your products or services, a well-placed display ad can also serve as an excellent reminder to encourage them to make a purchase. On the other hand, you can use display advertising to attract new audiences who may not yet be familiar with your products or services.

This type of display advertising allows you (or the seller who works on your behalf) to control where you want your display ads to appear. Over the years, the number of ad formats available on the Google display network has increased dramatically and, without a doubt, the introduction of adaptive display ads has transformed the advertising game for many companies looking to promote their products and services with Google Ads. Google display ads appear throughout the Google Display Network, which means that they have the opportunity to appear on several websites where their target audience is already browsing the Internet. These display advertising formats complement each other and work together to help you achieve your marketing goals.

While PPC and SEO may be the main drivers of direct traffic and conversions, it's important not to discredit the power of creating brand awareness for your company, something that display advertising does perfectly. Outside of Google advertising, you can also create display ads through other advertising platforms, such as Facebook's ad manager. Setting up a display advertising campaign may seem like a simple operation, as several systems provide marketers with full workflow automation and real-time optimization.

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