Can google display ads be animated?

Content Requirements Strobe ads, with flickering backgrounds, or otherwise distracting ads, are not allowed. The animation duration must be 30 seconds or less, and animated GIF ads must have a frame rate of 5 frames per second or slower. The content of the images and the content of the associated website must be safe for Static or Animated, all graphic ads that are published on the Google display network must be up to 150 KB or less in size. For some creative ads, you'll need to optimize the animation to show the main ad after the loading animation is finished.

Think about behavioral data, product affinities, browsing history and geolocation to dynamically display personalized ads and promotions. While standard image ads are an excellent tool for expanding reach or remarketing to previous visitors, RDAs offer users more variety in the ads they post. After choosing which image ad format format to use, you'll upload the images and configure the audience segmentation to fit your campaign objectives. Whether you want to start running display ads to get more customers or if you want to start retargeting on the Google Display Network, you need to create specific ads.

Whether you want to attract new customers or win back lost customers with retargeting, display ads are a very effective way to advertise. These elements increase the relevance of your display ads and allow you to get the most out of your display advertising. Advertisers have been using these ads for years, but they are currently becoming a big hit with the Internet audience. If you're using animated ads, you should put the tag “Featured” next to the ad to increase its relevance.

In addition to that, HTML5 animated ads consist of several individual files, stored in a page-like container. Adding the maximum number of available resources, whether images, advertisements or headlines, increases the quality of the ads. These ads use a maximum of 15 image resources combined with the headlines and descriptions of a standard text ad. And while many people hate these types of ads, they're actually no better than the desktop banners I mentioned earlier.

In addition to Google Display Ads, Google Ads now offers what are called adaptive display ads (RDA). Google will take your image resources and resize them according to the aspect ratios of different varieties to show them to users in different combinations. Websites like G2 can be an excellent resource for determining the best display advertising software you can use when creating your assets.

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